All It’s Forms

Moment by moment, we walk upon this earth, oblivious to the magic life contains.

Just as each of these foods begin as a premature delicate entity, we’re given life in the same setting.

With sunlight, water, nourishment, and time, plants grow into healthy produce. Something that can’t be obsolete, for plants, for babies, for anything to grow, is love.

Farmers invest money, time, blood, sweat, and tears into their land.

Teachers sacrifice sleep to prep for lessons, spend on supplies, and diversify teaching so each student gets it.

Parents (good parents) exemplify ethical and moral decisions, set aside personal needs, and hustle the best they can.

The magic of life, and the magic in life… It’s the form of which love is given AND received changes…

This is why you must listen with your heart ❤️.

When love speaks, it might be the tears pouring down her checks.

When love speaks, it might be him busy hustling to accomplish the to do list so there’s TIME for you.

When love speaks, it may be seen as a coach in your face about your grades.

Love might take the form of potluck dinner from the neighbor.

Love might be a door held open for you, OR one held shut.

In all that exists, all the diversity of our species, of our universe, in all that takes up space, very few similar objects are exactly the same…

Open your mind to the potential love has, and the possibility of what it wants to give you.

Open your mind to it’s discernment.

Open your heart to its invisibility.

Be willing to allow love in, and live through life as it, your legacy.

With love and light

Nova Namastè

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