Photo posted on Tumblr by Borninmay26

No sense of time. No sense of place. The majority of her day, she sits up against the cold brick wall, wallowing in her lament.

“ Wherever did life go so wrong?” Cecilia cried out. No one heard her. No one replied. No one ever does.

Then, a day came when something different happened. Aside from the gut wrenching blackness, a six inch light made it’s way into the room.

“ Wow! How beautiful!” Cecilia whispered. She couldn’t turn her gaze from the scene. In that moment, she absorbed every ounce of good it’s given her. The vibrant colors made her smile. The unique layers teased her imagination. She imagined the tiresome men who invested blood, sweat, and tears into sculpting this wall.

She felt a few tears stream her cheek. She didn’t know when she’d see it again.

With Love & Light:

Nova Namastè


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