Just yuck

Not all days are bad. Nope; they’re not.

Not all moments are bad, either.

Bad moments doesn’t make an entire day bad.

Entire crappy day doesn’t make a bad life…

For me, though all the above is true, crappy days feel super bad.

I’m the constant source of up, positive, and support.

I’m the encouragement, strong, and light.

I’m also the one who’s most alone on bad days…

Bc I’m the one who never hears that which I give others.

I doubt anyone knows if ever something is bothering me.

Wow… this really sounds like self loathing and pathetic.


5 Comments on “Just yuck”

  1. I’m not getting your posts on reader at all and Idk why. Could it be due to the name change from Nova Nameste 365? In order to find your posts, I need to manually type in your blog name.

    Hopefully you’re having more good days than bad days overall. Lately I haven’t felt like myself either. Could it be this time of year now that it’s practically winter?

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  2. Yeah, I know the feeling. One thing I’ve learned is that the people we support are not the same ones who will support us. It’s more like a pay it forward thing. So if you can find people who are supportive, then that’s great. But sometimes they’re just not around, and we have to just hang on until things change again. Big hugs ❤

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    • It doesn’t feel like it changes. I’m naturally so giving and on top of support to others. That’s what makes me unique but hurts me at the same time.

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