Unsolicited Judgement

Good Morning Parents!
I just wanted to take a minute and praise you for the hard work and effort you invest into your kids.

I was at a coffee date with my six year old. Mind you I hadn’t slept well because my neighbors downstairs woke me up. Anyway, at our coffee date, I pulled out my phone to check a few things… one being an online order status. The details confused me and that’s what had my attention for a few minutes. (Again, half asleep too)

So I’m trying to get out the door, just making sure we have trash thrown away and such… when this lady confronted me about how “engrossed in my phone I was.” And “Do you engage with her? I almost feel sorry for her.”

What was it that made her feel it’s her place to criticize an individual based on one scenario? She was sitting having coffee alone.

I walked away from her before she was finished talking.
She ruined that for me.

14 thoughts on “Unsolicited Judgement

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  2. Idk how people have the guts to say rude things to strangers in public. Even if I were to get irritated by someone or something, I keep my mouth shut and walk away. I never understood how people find the nerve to cause a scene in public. Sure says a lot about their character!

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