Tell the Story Challenge

Red Heels and Spilled Apples
By Mrs Kristian

First, I have to commend Mrs Kristian on her take of this challenge. She combined romance and mystery, added a dose of personal life and really tied everything into a short yet modern day Romeo and Juliet!! Please, take a minute and read her entry. She’s a fabulous writer and truly earned the love with this one.

From her entry, she posted the following photo and tagged me to tell the story.

Twilight Dances

Rosalie was a quiet widowed woman, who lived in a small two bedroom cabin ten minutes from town. Behind the cabin was three hundred yards of unsettled wilderness. She bought this place precisely for that reason. It was exactly what she needed while coping with her husband’s passing.

It’s been two years, yet she still expierences moments of agonizing reminders. She gasps as her heartstrings are pulled at the sounds of their wedding song. She’ll sob at the site of a soldier, uncontrollably and instantaneously. Her therapist has made several suggestions, ones that’ve been effective with others in her case.

In the early mornings, as the birds chirp in their clear 4×6 inch window feeder, she’ll rest at the kitchen table. With her canary pen from her best friend, and her favorite coffee mug, she’ll write out her thoughts. She and her nature creatures sharing the dawn has become a daily thing. The deer and squirrels ever so slightly glide through the trees, to her back porch. She sets out food precisely at seven.

Despite her best efforts, she’s been unsuccessfully unable to keep a job. Ms Palaiene (her therapist) has reiterated that this is normal, and that Rosalie shouldn’t be so hard on herself. She’s failed at that, too. In her free time, then, she volunteers at Grey Span Memorial Arts Academy.

This week, since Halloween is but a few weeks away, and it was one of Jason’s favorite times of the year, she planned to have her students paint a spooky self portrait scene. She completed hers this past Friday.

She calls it Twilight Dances

Her husband visits her at the first light of night, or twilight. She’s not afraid, for the sweet woodsy fragrances settle in her midst. She takes his lead, and embraces the dance… Spinning and twirling… The moist from the fog kisses her, as if placing life back in her skin. Natural sounds, like flaps from bats and crickets chirp create a bittersweet symphony. For five minutes, she doesn’t ache from her pain.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I’m taking three bloggers below.

Nova Namastè

Passing the Challenge to:

  1. Darnell at Fictionista/ Musings of Darnell Cureton
  2. Stroke Survivor UK
  3. CoffeeMamma

The image I’ve chosen for you

Photo credit attached
Photo credit attached

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