Blogging on Monday

Here’s a few suggestions for blog posts specially designed for Mondays 😀

  1. Mindset Monday : 1-3 challenges you’d like to overcome in the next month.
  2. Make A Change Monday: What ways can you make this world a better place?
  3. Meaningful Monday: What are some things you can do, say, or think that will add value to your life and/or lives around you?
  4. Movie Monday: Your favorite 5 Halloween movies and why?
  5. Take A Minute Monday: Compliment 3-5 bloggers on their work and personality.
  6. Magnificent Me Monday: list ten things about yourself that makes you awesome.
  7. Mixtape My Life Monday: What five songs best identifies your life?
  8. Memory Monday : Share one or a few of your favorite memories.
  9. Make it Monday : share a craft of recipe with the rest of us, including materials or ingredients and instructions.
  10. Main Character Monday: tell us your favorite main character of any story and why.

If you choose to write about one of these, please create a pingback to this post. I don’t want to miss it. Enjoy!!

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With love & light:

Namastè 🙏🏼


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