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Blogging on Monday

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Pastor Jarrid Wilson, An Advocate For Mental Health, Dies By Suicide | The Rickey Smiley Morning Show

It’s utmost important men accept that they’re human; and, it’s ok to acknowledge feelings. It doesn’t make him look less masculine. It won’t make women less attracted to them. It’s not a sign of weakness. Mental health affects every area of one’s life. If we won’t nurture that part of ourselves, we’ll forever remain messy. […]

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7 Powerful Steps to Successfully Being Your Own Therapist • The How to Social Worker

This is quite empowering! I hope you feel it helpful! Being your own therapist isn’t easy. These steps walk you through self therapy to take control of your emotions. Care to be in your own driver seat? — Read on http://www.thehowtosocialworker.com/being-your-own-therapist/

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