WOTD: Youthful

Included is the Word of the Day, youthful. You can find the details and many previous ones here🙂 Remember, never stop learning.

Rain Drops

He pushed one arm through his yellow and blue favorite raincoat. He’s worn it so often that it’s color has become faded. He didn’t care, though. It was perfect in every way. Just as quickly, he pushed his other arm through the other sleeve and buttoned it up.

The rain had just started, but it was pouring buckets. Meteorologists have been warning nearby cities about hurricane Sandy. Thankfully, he and his family weren’t in the range of danger. He was actually able to enjoy the water.

Mareen stood at the kitchen window, as Haden ran out to play. All of eight years old, he has had six surgeries, 8 transfusions, and endless hours of therapy, recovery, and setbacks. She wrestled with grief every day. As she stood there, mesmerized by her youthful miracle.. She was reminded of such a valuable lesson.

There’s sunshine in between raindfalls. When we dance in the storm, the passing is that much sweeter.

With that, she quickly snatched her coast from the coast tree and headed out the door.

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