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Love Letter

Written for Paula’s Thursday Inspiration. Theme is Letter and includes this image.

Listen with your heart.

She woke feeling like death. Her temples throbbed; her body was 75% covered in a cast. She didn’t remember what happened. By the looks of things, she didn’t want to, either. The lights were only aggressively agitating her senses; so she reached for the button.

” AHHHHHHHHHHH!!” she wailed, regretfully unaware of how excruciating that was going to be. Thankfully, her nurse, Andrea, summoned to her bedside within seconds.

Within the half hour, and every ounce of her gratitude for this incredible nurse, she was settled back in position. The lights off, the lidocaine was dripping, and the pain was about a 6.5! She felt her throat begin to swell. Soon thereafter, the first tear fell alongside her cheek.

“This is now my life?” She pitied herself, as the tears continued.
“Some way to live. I hurt everywhere. I don’t even freaking remember how I got here. Where’s my parents? Are my parents still alive? Oh my god, how do I not know? Do I have siblings? AmImarrierd?DoIhavechildren?Whatsthemonth?ohmygod,ohmy god!!!!”

The machine sounded. She was suddenly in a place of white. All was pure, light, and peaceful. She stood, was able to stand and walk. Oh what a feeling! It was warm, her body weightless and free. Slowly, as she glided among the cotton like fields, she began to see others. They were also… happy.

Women gathered by the purest blue lake, on a blanket full of luscious fruits and purple flowers. They laughed and hugged and chatted. From a distance, they acted as if they’d known one another for quite some time. She didn’t recognize any of these women, or anything of her surroundings.

“How do I keep putting myself in this great unknown?” She questioned herself. Suddenly, her heart felt exponentially warmer. It didn’t hurt; however, she was startled.

“What on earth?”…she checked. She most definitely was not on earth. Where she was she?

Lost in thought, she didn’t realize a little young girl had walked up to her. The girl gently took the her hand and lead her down to the water. As if she knew how to swim, this gorgeous blue eyed blond circles young lady kept walking…

Right out of sight. Below the water, she disappeared. The woman began to panic… no one else seemed to be though.

“What on earth?” She repeated. Slowly, she followed right behind the young girl, down below the water.

She woke with a huge gasp, once again in the hospital room, barely able to move. Besides her nurse, there were four other staff members, a head doctor, and what looked like family or friends outside the door. She thought for a moment, trying to collect herself and make sense of what just happened.

She simply couldn’t. None of it made sense; but, then again, none of it scared her either. As the nurses related her medication, and checked her vitals… Andrea came in with flowers and a card.

The letter read :

Trust God with all of your heart. He will correct and direct your path. You won’t always understand; however, He’ll never lead you astray.

Much Love :


…….. Her identification was also in the card. Her name was Janeal.


  1. Nice writing. Reminded me of the time I got my first heart stent. However, I was awake through the whole procedure. The unearthliness of it, the ethereal aspect, the dreamlike state were all similar to my hospital stay.

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