🎃🍂Blog Party VIPs🐿🍃

Hey Hey Everyone, It’s TIME TO Party!!!!!! Who’s up and ready to have some fun?

Here’s a list of a few activities you can participate in through the day:D

  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Autumn This or That
  • Because It’s Fall Share
  • Guess the Autumn Object
  • Exchange Favorite Fall Recipes
  • Meet and mingle with other bloggers


  1. Nova

    Game #2: This or That:D

    Simply tell us which you would prefer:D

    This OR That
    Hot Choco Hot apple cider
    Light Jacket Hoodie
    Jumping in leaves Sitting under stars
    Firepit and drinks Netflix and Fireplace
    Pumpkin spice Caramel
    Whipped Cream Marshmallows

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments:D

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  2. Nova

    Game 2 Answers:D
    Hot choco all day!
    Hoodie:D ( a bit too big is perfect)
    Sitting under the stars would be so romantic but fun with friends as well
    Pumpkin Spice everything lol
    I love marshmallows in my hot drinks.

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  3. Lydia Potter

    1. Bobbing for Apples – Yes, I have!
    2. Visited a Corn Maze – Yes! I LOVED it! 🙂
    3. Made a homemade pie – Yes… I wasn’t very good though.
    4. Dressed up for Halloween ( as an adult) – No, I’m not an adult yet.
    5. Ate some of your child’s candy – I don’t have kids.
    6. Made a leaf piece of art – Not that I can remember.
    7. Toasted marshmallows via bonfire – YES!!!!!
    8. Attempted MJ’s Thriller Dance – Nope.
    9. Visited a haunted cemetery – NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    10. Photographed an Autumn evening. – Kind of! 😉
    11. Visited a pumpkin patch – Yes!
    12. Carved a pumpkin – Attempted to, yes! 😉

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