🎃🍂Blog Party VIPs🐿🍃

Hey Hey Everyone, It’s TIME TO Party!!!!!! Who’s up and ready to have some fun?

Here’s a list of a few activities you can participate in through the day:D

  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Autumn This or That
  • Because It’s Fall Share
  • Guess the Autumn Object
  • Exchange Favorite Fall Recipes
  • Meet and mingle with other bloggers


  1. Living in the New England has always made the kick off to Autumn with Apple Picking! So many places to chose from, making Apple picking season last well into October! And I score an 11 on the 12… I never visited a haunted cemetery! My son was in an Anti Bullying campaign where they did the Michael Jackson Thriller Dance… such a cool fun experience it was

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  2. I’ve never ate any of my child’s candy. Just because I don’t have children. I used to joke that if I ever had a child I would tell them “I birthed you, you give me your Reese cups. This is the rule.” Lol.

    Fun fact: I know all the moves to MJ’s thriller. The best man & I dropped jaws on the dance floor at my wedding!!

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  3. Hi everyone. In response to Nova’s “Never have I ever” game I, Darnell have never:

    #2 – visited a corn maze.
    #4 – dressed up for Halloween (as an adult)
    #9 – visited a haunted cemetery
    #11- visited a pumpkin patch

    My bucket list as a writer is to create a story from each of these things I never did.
    As a matter of fact I have started a story about a YA dressed as spiderman on a motor cycle on Halloween. At the moment its called ” A Night On The Town.” When its done I will give Nova a shout out for reminding me about it. (I have lots of started fiction that’s not complete) When I finish this one – Nova gets the Hi Five.

    If anyone wants to give me an idea for a story for the other things – #2,#9, and #11, I will give you the credit and a big shout out also.

    Lets party people!!!!!!!

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    1. Awe, well aren’t you the sweetest!!! Thank you so much my dear friend! You made my heart smile:D I’m so happy to see you here and to have sparked your creativity. I’ll keep my thoughts going on the others. Maybe we’ll come up with more Halloween stories? Maybe we could collaborate on one as well?

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