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🎃🍂Blog Party VIPs🐿🍃

Hey Hey Everyone, It’s TIME TO Party!!!!!! Who’s up and ready to have some fun?

Here’s a list of a few activities you can participate in through the day:D

  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Autumn This or That
  • Because It’s Fall Share
  • Guess the Autumn Object
  • Exchange Favorite Fall Recipes
  • Meet and mingle with other bloggers

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    • Game #1: Never Have I Ever:D
      Instructions: Give yourself one point for each task on the list that you’ve never done:D

      1. Bobbing for Apples
      2. Visited a Corn Maze
      3. Made a homemade pie
      4. Dressed up for Halloween ( as an adult)
      5. Ate some of your child’s candy
      6. Made a leaf piece of art
      7. Toasted marshmallows via bonfire
      8. Attempted MJ’s Thriller Dance
      9. Visited a haunted cemetery
      10. Photographed an Autumn evening.
      11. Visited a pumpkin patch
      12. Carved a pumpkin

      Share some feedback in the comments!! Looking forward to reading them:D

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  1. Good morning party people! I’ve made semi-homemade pie… frozen pre-made crust is good enough for me, and then I can take it from there! Pumpkin pie is next up on my list of things to bake. And I love love love toast marshmallows!

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