When you write something, do you ever feel ANYTHING but neutral when the response to your writing is anything but what you were hoping?

I don’t want to say, and honestly I can say, my writing isn’t for self glory or praise or attention or recognition. I write to free myself of that which is my mind. I blog so I may help others find words they couldn’t before.

Sometimes, though, I’m disappointed. It’s merely from my interpretation of the result, and it’s differentiation from my expectation… still sucks.

Maybe time will change it. Maybe not.

Right now though, my interpretation is all I have … and the responsibility of it is all I want.

26 thoughts on “Pondering

  1. There ARE times when writing happens, like breathing, you can’t help it… it’s just there… and these are the best times but I guess that what comes out from those ”universe dictations” is not always immediately understood by the one who reads.. and more likely to be glossed over.. I have been hesitating for years to show my stuff…

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  2. I write with no expectations that way I’m not disappointed by what others think of, or say about, my work. You either like me or you don’t. Of course I appreciate any kind words, and I read the negative comments to see if there are any valid points, if not, then I let it go. I pick and choose which mind games I’m gonna play now. It’s very liberating.

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  3. I’m like you. I write to free my mind of “stuff.” It’s impossible in this world to not find ourselves being criticized when we share our thoughts with the world, especially it seems in this day and time. It can be constructive if it is meant to be instructive of something that improves your work through grammar usage, etc. Otherwise criticism can be simply a different perspective.
    I often write Christian subjects and find that I’m bombarded at times with differences of opinion on what bible I use. I don’t find that criticism helpful. I have been a Christian a long time and, between Jesus and me, I learn through sources well briefed and qualified in translation of Greek and Hebrew into English, so I know Jesus knows I understand what He said while he was here.
    My point is…Write!….have fun!…express yourself in your unique way. There will always be critics. They are usually the ones who think they have all the answers, yet they could use a little criticism themselves on their narcissistic attitudes.
    God Bless.

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  4. I truly love your blog, Sweetie! And, you should write for yourself first and foremost. Engaging others helps with that process. Heck, I started m blog on September 2016, it didn’t start actually moving and developing until late 2017.
    You’re a lovely person, so please don’t ever become frustrated. Be patient with yourself. 😍

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  5. I get it! I too, write for myself, but I am very grateful for the attention my blog seems to be getting. But it is disappointing at times when people are less engaging, especially when it’s a blog where I try to get people to engage. Like when I ask a question, & no one answers, everyone just likes. Lol! I suppose that’s better than nothing…..

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      1. Oh, I think you’re good at it. From what I can tell anyway. But it definitely is challenging. I’m bad at it. I have good intentions but I have a bad habit of letting time get away from me. I swear, I’m going to be late to my own funeral! Bahaha!!!

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    1. Hi there, how are you? How has life been for you? Thank you for your words of kindness. This place has become an exceptionally important place for me. I think others have needed me here just as equally. Through writing, I’ve grown so much… And I’m so grateful for this community.

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      1. I am doing as well as i can be. life has been back and forth for me. its all really personal its just been tough. but i am proud of you and i support you 100% always will. thank you for responding to me.

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