Day: August 14, 2019

Six Word Story

My favorite relationship:
With the Moon


Nova’s Wise Words Wednesday

ALL that we are, is defined by ALL we are not.

Not our skin color

Not our clothing choice.

Not our religion

Not our education level

Not our hair color

Not our nail length

Not our vehicle, house size, or bank accounts

Not the amount we spend at Christmas

or the amount we tithe in church.

Not where we meet for lunch dates,

or the yoga class every Thursday afternoon

We are not the purse we carry

The Jordens we wear.

How many touchdowns we made in the game

How often we donate to Goodwill

What level of education we achieve

How many trophies we earn

What if any smart phone we carry

If we read the news digitally or at the table, with coffee.


We are NONE of that… because at the end of our time here, we are defined by the quality of our character and kindness of our actions. That’s how we are remembered.


#NDRW- #72

Today’s word is loft.

Good Afternoon, Evening, and Morning.

#SpeakLife into yourself 

#SpeakTruth into your mind 

#SpeakConfidence into your heart

#SpeakLove into this world 

Spread Kindness like it’s all the world has left. 

Namastè ☀🌌

Photo Credit: Fandango’s This, That, or the Other