I’m just going to take a brief 3.345632435 mins and be completely UNLIKE myself…

(This is OK! We ALL need to do this periodically! If you judge me, you can fuck off too. K? ok!)

He said shit that made him look like one 42 year old whiny ass bitch. He said shit that clearly labeled me his “option”. He verbalized his belief in Nova’s choice to “walk away”. Among so many other excuses as to why he no longer resides in my life… Or in as much in my heart, as he once did.

So… to that, I say

FUCK YOU for not realizing entitlement isn’t what you have!

My heart is no longer in your hands.

My body isn’t your place to worship.

My lips are not for your pleasure.

My love is no longer available to you.

You can FUCK OFF with your stupid winy shit about past heartaches and all the “effort” you said you put into people who didn’t want to be in your life…. Because Me… I wanted to be there… and you found every reason to place blame on me.


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“It is not the the bruises on the body that hurt. It is the wounds of the heart and the scars on the mind.”
― Aisha Mirza

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  1. I left a comment earlier but it looks like it got deleted/declined….. My advice was meant to be helpful. At least, that was the intention. Have a good day and stay blessed 🙏🏻💕


  2. You go girl!!! You rock! And if he can’t appreciate you & your love, well as you said “Fuck him!” I’m so glad you recognize your self worth & won’t settle for less than you deserve, & baby! You deserve the best of the BEST!!!!!

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  3. Honestly don’t talk to him at all. He can’t verbally abuse you if you don’t allow him into your life. Cut off all connections with him, and I mean ALL contact. As long as you and him still talk to each other, he’s gonna keep hurting you. People don’t learn and they don’t change unless they get a huge awakening or something which is highly unlikely…. best of luck.



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