Day: August 13, 2019


Dear Dreamweaver:

Spin the threads of my thoughts and create the peace my heart desperately needs. Place my mind in the center of all that is rejuvenating and refreshing. Embrace my soul with the sweetest taste of comfort and simply being. Plant in my self the night’s most dedicated angels, to protect me from haunting thoughts and sleepless hours.

Of all these things, I wish for those here on WordPress.

Namastè 🙏🏼

Good Night!

Nova 🌸



I’m just going to take a brief 3.345632435 mins and be completely UNLIKE myself…

(This is OK! We ALL need to do this periodically! If you judge me, you can fuck off too. K? ok!)

He said shit that made him look like one 42 year old whiny ass bitch. He said shit that clearly labeled me his “option”. He verbalized his belief in Nova’s choice to “walk away”. Among so many other excuses as to why he no longer resides in my life… Or in as much in my heart, as he once did.

So… to that, I say

FUCK YOU for not realizing entitlement isn’t what you have!

My heart is no longer in your hands.

My body isn’t your place to worship.

My lips are not for your pleasure.

My love is no longer available to you.

You can FUCK OFF with your stupid winy shit about past heartaches and all the “effort” you said you put into people who didn’t want to be in your life…. Because Me… I wanted to be there… and you found every reason to place blame on me.

Inspiration Award✨

I wanted to take a minute and thank Kristian over at Life Lessons Around The Dinner Table!

Not only has she blessed me with another award (y’all are making me blush!! 😉) but she’s blessed me with her friendship! The greatest gift of true friendships is that they can happen at ANY time & feel like it’s been meant to be before it started. I’ve laughed with and loved this lady for a lifetime, and didn’t know how much till I met her.

Cherish those kinds of friendships, everyone! They’re everything life is about! Thank You Lovely for this Inspiration Award!!

A few others that have inspired me to continue writing, open up about my personal story (my life), and dust myself off when I felt defeated are the following:

  • Light Motifs: She’s a strong and independent woman & writer. She’s isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and transparent. I admire her real and rawness!
  • Blog of the Wolf Boy: Mathew is an indescribable character. He’s bold and brave, ready to take on nearly every challenge that I tend to unintentionally send him. LOL He’s super supportive and values feedback. He’s such an inspirational writer.
  • J.H.Ward Blog: James is another writer that has inspired me to remain here and keep being “me” . He’s right to the point with his writing and rarely hesitates to state what’s on his mind. He’s brave and unapologetic.


Who you are

Who you become

What you believe

What you feel

What you wear

Who is in your immediate circle

Who deserves to stay there

What you have for breakfast

If you do or don’t follow the law

Whether or not you drink and drive

What comes out of your mouth

What you do with the information given to you

How you handle attitude

How you feel about prostitution

How you feel about abortions

Where you are on a Friday night

Where your life is headed

Where you hanging out on a Sunday

Where you going to get that paper to pay the bills.

There is an unlimited amount of choices you make in your lifetime. Some seem really insignificant, but they do matter. All of your choices matter… because they influence your next one. They’re an endless chain of decisions that result in consequences… that create your life.. Your identity!

Choose them wisely 💖

#NDRW- #71

Today’s word is transmitted.

Good Afternoon, Evening, and Morning.

#SpeakLife into yourself 

#SpeakTruth into your mind 

#SpeakConfidence into your heart

#SpeakLove into this world 

Spread Kindness like it’s all the world has left. 

Namastè ☀🌌

Photo credit: Fandango’s This, That, or the Other