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Your Mission Statement

Moreso in the last decade, organizations, such a schools, have begun a new tradition: identifying their ” mission statement”. Why? It provides

  1. A goal to accomplish.
  2. Unity among everyone within the organization.
  3. A sense of direction, coupled with encouragement.
  4. Reason for valuable skills, such as endurance, hard work, and confidence.
  5. Path to find should one fall astray.

This statement is strong, something that brings each within together, with all the rest. Students learn teamwork.

What about here on WordPress? Or for your life, on a personal level? What’s your Mission Statement?

I never thought about it before, honestly. Writing one seems like a great idea though, for many reasons.

In the next couple of days, consider these words and your passions. What would you say is your Mission Statement?

You can find the original post of this image, here.

Let me know what you create in the comments below 🙏🏼🌺



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