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The laundry’s folded and remains in baskets and bags. The groceries are bought and sit in “out of the way “ places in my kitchen.

The floors need mopped, tops need wiped, and the trash needs taken out, again.

The declutter so quickly changes right back to “messy” ; before I have a moment to enjoy it.

Baths and book bag packed, dinner and soon all that snotty nose shit.

Being mom ain’t easy…

Being a single mom, well we deserve a medal!

Only the strongest can handle it.


  1. Really awestruck at how you handle it all…clearly God has given you all that extra strength immensely engraved..Words won’t do any justice to what you can do..Keep shining and stay strong😊💙💙

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  2. Being a mom isn’t a job that gets much appreciation. Nick and I have been in LDRs on a few occasions where I had a taste of the single mom life. And it wasn’t easy at all. When we are faced with challenges, we are forced to adapt. You’re more resilient than you think 😊🌺 Cheers to doing things that are under-appreciated in the world of motherhood! 🥂✨

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