Gratitude Journal 08/09/19

This bright and simple craft makes my heart happy today! #BecauseItsTheSimpleThings

Isn’t it Purdy?!

Here’s the link to the materials and craft:

7 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal 08/09/19

  1. That art is gorgeous!! These would be great on DIY cards or envelopes. Did you end up buying the Amazon foil press? Idk what it’s called but I watched the video in the link!

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        1. I just priced the deco foils, 🥺 almost $1 a sheet. Can’t pull that right now… The device used was a cheap laminator, which I have 🙂 I may try this soon though 🙂

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        2. $1 a sheet? If you can get a few animals per sheet then I would say it’s still worth it ($1/3 animals is 33 cents a piece) but still, that’s a bit pricy for sure. 😕

          Ive seen mono-colored foils of different colors in the craft sections of dollar stores but idk if it’s the same type or foil. It’s still worth trying with the laminator you have! Would be a fun experiment to try on a rainy day 🙂

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