Day: August 9, 2019

Mindful Evening Affirmations

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I’m focusing on the good that happened today! I’m at peace with myself, with what my life is, and I have faith in future progression and success.

Good Night ♥


So I ask you…..

Is the objective to (try) limited angry citizens from committing shooting rampages???


Is it to stop killing innocent people???

{Notice the first is focused on the weapon of choice. The second focuses on the victims}

Guns aren’t the only way it’s happening… But, boy, it seems to me, guns are all lots are worried about!!

Angry people are hurting others. It doesn’t matter if it’s physical or verbal. Have you listened to the suicide statistics due to bullying? Have you been listening at all???

Attacker kills 4, wounds 2 in California stabbing rampage |

Here is a man that exemplifies that the issue isn’t a “gun control issue”…. Here’s a man who has a “anger” issue, and hurt others. Sure, maybe not 19 or 40 people, but speaking of the innocence, comparison has no place!

A man who was “full of anger” stabbed, slashed and robbed his way across two Southern California cities in a bloody rampage that killed four people and wounded two others who were apparently targeted at random, authorities said.
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#NDRW- #67

Today’s word is: counterscarp.

Good Afternoon, Evening, and Morning.

#SpeakLife into yourself 

#SpeakTruth into your mind 

#SpeakConfidence into your heart

#SpeakLove into this world 

Spread Kindness like it’s all the world has left. 


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