Fandango’s Provocative Question

You can find all the details to his thought provoking post HERE🙂

His question: What are the 3 biggest challenges in your country right now? If you’re not Up-to-date on the news, you can respond on a personal level.

I don’t follow the news much; however, one doesn’t need to in order to see big issues in my country.

#1. Racism has been and forever will be the biggest challenge. Sadly, it’s the easiest one to fix. No motherfucker is better than the next. We all are immortal and we all hurt. One day we all are going to die. The ones who are remembered choose to live life with intention and a long term purpose.

#2. Gun violence, unfortunately, has crept it’s way up under the wing of issue 1. I don’t understand why the world feels shooting is going to solve problems. It’s everywhere though. Just last week, right outside a local public library, here in Cleveland, a man shot another man over some weed. The victim didn’t survive. He was 19.

#3. Poverty is the third biggest issue. Again, I’m starting to believe this is a global issue, but I don’t understand why. There’s more empty houses in the United States than there are homeless individuals??!!! It makes no sense. There’s been reports in the last few years where laws and restrictions have been placed about what can be done with outdated food or overstock.

It seems that alittle more love and kindness can solve all kinds of problems… Or maybe I’m just nieve.


  1. I thought about poverty and racism as well. Gun violence is less of a problem in Canada. Hmm, as for empty houses I think I might be able to answer that. Where I am now, visiting the in-laws in Richmond Hill, every third house is empty. The houses are HUGE and yet there are so many homeless people closer to downtown Toronto. So why are these houses empty? The housing prices skyrocketed with ridiculous prices nobody can afford. The Millennials cannot afford a 2-6M house or a $800,000 townhouse. Yes, houses cost this much in the Greater Toronto Area, where most of the jobs are.

    Another observation: Caucasians are the minority here. Many rich immigrants came here and bought up the houses, which made the housing prices skyrocket due to demand. At least 60% of the people here are Asian race. Caucasian population from what I’ve seen is maybe 20%. The Asians that moved to Canada are very wealthy and were able to leave their home countries. At least in Canada, this has become reality.

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      1. Because it’s easier for immigrants to move to Canada compared to the US. The immigration process isn’t extensive and the Canadian government is desperate for more people. It’s a very vast country but our population is small. And Millennials aren’t having kids anymore because it’s too expensive to live here.

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  2. I live in Canada and homlessness and poverty are rampant and it does not make sense when the country has so much resources and has the third largest oil deposit in the world here in Fort McMurray Alberta. What are the governments and the rich 1% thinking these days really come on people !! Great post and appreciate every word you put out for our eyes !!

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    1. Thank you!
      That one percent has more money than the rest of us 99%!
      It’s truly disturbing how unaffected they comfortably live, knowing the suffering doesn’t cease.

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    2. I thought the Government pays people to live in FortMac. My husband wanted to move there before the forest fire catastrophe happened. He knows people who live in FortMac because jobs were plentiful for engineers. I haven’t been to FortMac and it’s definitely not easy living in Canada.

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