Universal Truths: Our Unity

  1. Hope and Peace have done far much more than any act of violence or revenge.
  2. Life isn’t always fair.
  3. Change will happen.
  4. Pain will visit, from those we least expect it from, inevitably.
  5. Forgiveness isn’t easy; but, it’s necessary.
  6. Time waits for no one.
  7. Opportunities aren’t always available a second or third time.
  8. We walk each moment of our lives; and, it’s ours for each moment’s deciding.
  9. We all know loss: pain: grief: sadness: anger: joy: peace: fear: disappointment: confusion: love.
  10. Love solves so much more than hate.
  11. In one single moment, we all WILL pass on. That’s literally all the time it takes.
  12. None of us are alone, ever. There’s ALWAYS someone who’s been through the chapter of life that you’re currently in.
  13. There will always be other’s who are in chapters of life different from yours; that’s ok.
  14. We all know how to be logical.
  15. We all are creatures of habit.
  16. The moon who hears you, is the same moon who listens to me.
  17. There’s never such a thing as too much kindness.
  18. Intentions are why you do anything; evaluate them before you act.
  19. Nature has so much to say; we need to listen.
  20. Children will ALWAYS have the capability to remind us of what really matters in life.. and what life’s really about.

May these truths plant the peace, joy, contentment, excitement, and abundant blessings, of which was meant for you, into your following week<3

My greatest of wishes:D




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