Emotions & Healing

Situations can be handled in two ways: logically and/or emotionally.

When we continuously face adversity, especially if you’re more of an emotions creature, it’s important to take alittle time for emotional healing.

The state of our mental health is the result of how well, if at all, we handle this adversity. Here’s a few suggestions 🙂

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Kim Robert’s- 20 Journaling Prompts For Working With Emotions.

As Free As You See: Journal Prompts: Helping You Face Your Past

As Free As You See: Why Journaling About Your Triggers is Important

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Starbursteyes



2 comments on “Emotions & Healing”
  1. Nice blog you have! I sincerely appreciate your following me. °°° 🐟🐟~~ Thank you!

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    1. Nova says:

      You’re welcome and thank you for having a look at mine!



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