Unpeople Pleasing🤔😂

Can’t say I didn’t take accountability for myself! Haha. Listen though y’all, going through life and trying to please everyone isn’t living… It’s existing. You’re trying to prevent conflict. You’re trying to keep a consistent flow. You’re trying to be cool with everyone.

Is that being honest with yourself? Seems to me, that’s a lifestyle of someone who doesn’t know who he/she is. This individual just blends in with the rest, never ruffling feathers.

Knowing who you are is important. Living your truths is even more important… And guess what, more often than not, truth is going to piss someone off! It’s true. You’re going to decide to set yourself free; and people are absolutely going to hate you for it…

Maybe you’re free from their control.

Maybe you’re free from their munipulation.

Maybe free from abuse, neglect, and misuse.

Whatever you leave behind, and whatever future YOU decide for you, count on making a few enemies.

But, tell yourself it’s ok… Because it is. You’re not living for anyone but yourself anymore. This is especially true for those so called ” close family members and friends”, that never treated you how you deserved.

When you’re doing things right, you’ll have people who disapprove. Those who love you, will get over it. Those who don’t, are finally facing an issue they’ve suppressed for to long and it finally resurfaced. (They should be thanking you!).

But, most importantly, you’ll be living… And that’s the purpose of being alive.

10 Replies to “Unpeople Pleasing🤔😂”

  1. simplywendi says:

    you are absolutely right, you can’t please everyone and if you do……..you will not be able to please yourself.

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  2. kristianw84 says:

    Ahhhh!!! Yes, yes, yes!!! So. Much. Yes!!! I love this!!

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  3. Sunny Larue says:

    Love this blog all of you points are 100000000000000000000000% TRUE!

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  4. I have been a people pleaser all my life and now I am trying to figure out how to not be such a pleaser of people. Its a hard habit to break. Thanks for the post..

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  5. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

    Can’t say I’m a people pleaser.. I just want to know I’m understood. And hopefully I’m making sense and actually helping someone.



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