Mindful Me

Being mindful of my thoughts.

There’s no actions I can control but my own.

When I interact with others, positive actions extend positive vibes.

When I interact with others, who extend negative vibes, I’m tempted to react with the same. That’s one of my defense mechanisms, obtained simply by being human.

Being mindful of my thoughts,

Negative vibes are a reflection of an individual’s struggle. The struggle could be the heat or some deeper matter. The struggle severity is irrelevant, the outcome is the same.

When I respond to someone’s negative vibes, what struggles am I projecting? What right do I have to add more distaste to their plate? Make their life more unpleasant, as if they needed to feel what it’s like to be walking my path?

They are not I; I am not them. We both are doing our best to take care of some task at hand. Any inconvenience I have isn’t the fault of an individual who happens to cross my path, at the moment…

Likewise, as we both are trying to take care of the track at hand, any inconvenience he/she has isn’t my fault.

There’s no actions I can control but my own, remember.

Should I respond in a positive note, it may change the course of the individual’s day.

It may attract more positive vibes to his/her life.

Having done something kind, the extension of positivity is a reflection of my true self.. Rather than my circumstances.

Extending good vibes, provides a moment of relief to the individual… And maybe he/she really needs that.

Extending positivity is unusual, and will be a moment he/she will remember, quite possibly challenging him/her to do the same.

I am more than my struggles.

I am more than what’s happening to me at the moment.

I am more than what others see, when I’m in public.

I’m the one responsible for what I exert into the universe,

Because no one controls me but me.

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