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Weight, whether physical, mental, or spiritual, can become damagingly heavy. If not handled with care, the damage will spread to every other part of the body.

I was on the phone with a friend, a few days ago, and he said, ” You sound better, like as if you attended a funeral of a loved one who is no longer seriously suffering. It’s a sound of relief.” What an epiphany. I am relieved.

Depression is an illness in and of itself. There’s so much that it encompasses that; sometimes, it’s difficult to differentiate between it and the toxicity of another person (particularly one who’s active in our lives!).

Over and over, I gave chances. Lots of people, like me, do. There does come a point, though, that we say enough. It’s the point when there’s nothing left to give. It’s the point when the whole idea just feels painful. It’s the point when everything said sounds like a personal attack. INFJs are such giving people. They give entirely too many changes.

When I’m done, I’m done. The chapter had ended. The door has been closed, locked, and sealed. The weight has come off. Those who love you, would try their best to prevent you from feeling so weighed down…

That’s my thoughts on the matter anyway.


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  1. Surely you can survive along side the negative people in your life while constantly blocking out as much and you possible can. But you’re right, it creates a big old heavy weight. It’s better to let it go than try to exist with it. Great post. Thank you.

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  2. Seeing this post was rather timely for me! I spent yesterday wrapped up in an email battle with my ex. He still blames me for everything. He blames me for the state of his relationship with his children even though he is the one who damaged it. As I read your post, I realize his biggest problem is he hasn’t forgiven me for finally being done dealing with his toxic behavior in our marriage. I finally got tired of letting him stomp all over my heart. He never thought I would leave.

    Thanks for the reminder that it’s okay to be done with toxic people. To protect our hearts from those who would take advantage. It helped lift the weight I’ve carried around since the email battle commenced.

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    1. You’re so welcome Heather! You deserve to shed that heaviness, absolutely!
      The same kind of war happened to me, then I remembered, those who hear truth and get mad just refuse to accept that it’s the truth.
      Here’s to brighter days🌼🌼

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