Working on Us- Week 3

Unfortunately, I missed Beckie’s “Working on US “, last week ; however, I plan to catch up. Here’s where you can read more about week 3.

This week, she posted a few thought – provoking questions and this beautiful photo.

A rainbow is symbolic in countless of ways. First, it’s a sign of beauty after a nasty storm. It’s a gift after my endurance through tears. Every rainbow I’ve ever seen has silenced my mind and provided a warm glow in my heart.

Secondly, it’s a significant sign that represents my LGBTQA+ Community. This is apart of my identity. It’s a collection of colors that represent groups of individuals. This minority community withstands so much grief and hatred simply because we’re different. The rain is a constant heavy down pour.

Finally, the colors represent psychological significants to the viewers. In addition, rain reminds me of renewed life. Water isn’t a bad thing; it’s actually essential to all living things. It quenches the thirst of our earthly friends, plants, and crops. It reminds me of nature’s way of providing needs to all that it contains. It reminds me that tears wash away some of my pain, and it allows for room to grow. My tears release hormones that previously had been absent.

Here’s the psychology of color.

Photo Credit: Pinterest


    1. Your comments are always so encouraging and full of validation. Although I’m certain you make every individual feel such positivity, I’m blessed to be among them. Thank you Ms. Beckie 💖💖💚💚

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      1. Aww, Thank you, kindly. To be fair, Yes, I want everyone to feel encouraged, respected, and all feelings are validated as far as I’m concerned.
        I know what it’s like to be on the other side of the coin. My family is a prime example. I only speak to my mother. No one else. It’s beacuse my feelings were not validated in any way shape or form. So, with that, I cut them all loose.
        If it were up to me, and I so wish I couldImake this happen… I wish only for everyone to feel comforted and at ease on my site. Or, even when I read another’s blog. There is so much negativity on the outside world, and if we all spread a little bit of posivity amongst ourselves, it brightens up our day! 💝And, that is a gift worth giving and receiving.

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