Here’s to Love

Here’s to love..

In all it’s purity.

In all of it’s unity.

In all of it’s healing.

In all of it’s togetherness.

In all of it’s endurance.

In all of it’s work.

In all of it’s challenges.

Here’s to love,

In all of it’s unique design.

In it’s magical moments.

In it’s hope and trust.

In it’s acceptance.

In all of it’s glory.

In all of it’s forgiveness.

In all of it’s patience.

In all of it’s happiness.

In all of it’s laughter.

In all of it’s truth.

The element that sustains life,

The only element that lives beyond life,

The beginning, rebirth, and cause of all that is good.

Here’s to Love…

May we all expierence it.

Evergreen- Westlife



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