Over the years I’ve learned that fighting can be resolved. I’ve learned that disagreements can result in a compromise. More importantly, I’ve learned that communication is a process of voicing thoughts and needs, actively listening to thoughts and needs of others, and all parties respecting these of everyone! When someone feels 1. Heard and 2. Respected, things can go along way.

The other major lesson I learned is gaslighting is a waist of time. I used to include this in my arguments, simply to try and make myself feel better and the other individual feel guilty. Manipulating minds is the game… though, I didn’t understand it as such then. Now, I’m more confident in my decisions and understanding of behavior and my mind, that manipulation from others just p***es me off.

Right now, I’m in a position of just that. I’m sitting here in disbelief that I’m trying to be the responsible adult, taking care of the tasks that need accomplished before I end up in a worse situation. The others involved are pissed because they don’t understand (why the hell do humans do that? ) … they don’t need the money like I do. They can leisurely take trips. That’s wonderful that they can. I never said otherwise.

What I’m saying is if my car dies before I can make enough, I’m screwed!

But, obviously that’s fucked up thinking!

So be it.



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