ABC’S 2 Me

Always looking out for my own,

Addicted to coffee.

Building a better future,

Bathing in promising light.

Challenging myself to grown,

Changing with every storm.

Doing my best, mothering.

Detaching the toxicity.

Elevating my girls’ confidence.

Empowering beautiful souls.

Finding ways to “pay it forward.”

Filtering the negative from my blood.

Giving of my time,

Grieving the burdens of others.

Holding on to hope,

Helping animals survive.

Including self time into my agenda.

Igniting positivity into social media.

Jamming to new music.

Juggling roles in life.

Keeping an identity.

Kicking myself for bad parenting.

Loving others as I know how.

Lingering in moments of joy.

Making my mark on this earth.

Molding memories into my heart.

Needing a best friend.

Nearing a crying melt down.

Operating on a coffee diet.

Opened to meeting new people.

Pursuing a great job.

Promising myself a lot more.

Questioning loyalty of family.

Quoting the experts in success.

Rocking the infamous mom bun.

Removing the sources of stress.

Seeking a balanced happiness.

Seeing beauty in everything.

Treating myself to chocolate.

Telling the world my story.

Unwilling to fold under pressure.

Unabashed by my beliefs.

Willing to admit I’m wrong.

Walking this life alone.

X amining my behavior.

X ING out the chaos.

Yielding to life’s warnings.

Yearing for a stress free vacation.

Zesting my life with spice,

Zipping this to an end 🦋🙏🏼

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