Depression Hit

It does that. Mind of it’s own; telling my whole heart the ugliest of truths. Going to bed, heartbroken.

17 thoughts on “Depression Hit

  1. Sorry to read this Nova, you have friends here that will always support you, always believe in you and always care for you, so remember whilst it may not seem it – you are never alone. When you are down, we are down there with you. If you need a boost up read all the lovely comments people leave on your lovely posts to see that you are never alone and that people believe in you.

    Virtual hugs to you.


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  2. Try to keep your head up! I had a panic attack so severe it landed me in the hospital on Monday and I’m still not able to return to work. You’ve got this!

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    1. Oh Leslie, I’m so sad to hear that 😔 Anxiety sure does suck. How are you feeling today? I’m here if you ever want /need an ear to listen.
      You’ve reminded my heart that every moment of my life is one that is better than that of someone else… And for any degree of difference, I need to express appreciation.



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