Update on Me

Hey Beautiful Souls=) I dearly hope you’re healthy and well, happy and excited about life. I hope you’ve taken time to love on yourself and have met your own needs. You deserve to have that. You master just as much as every one else in this world.

How have I been you might be asking yourself? Well thank you for thinking of me. I’m grateful for the consideration. Physically, I’ve been exhausted. The three of us have all suffered with allergies from the Spring blooms. It’s been so bad up here. I’ve been quite frustrated by it. Calandra had a high fever last week. I thought she was going to end up in the ER. She did end up in my bed… So mommy hasn’t slept much lately.

Emotionally, I’m a windchime in a thunder storm: drastically thrown in all directions and making my presence known. My sister’s wedding is in July and I’ve only known about it for a short time. The way I found out was pretty hurtful. I doubt I’ll have any money saved for a ticket. I wouldn’t know who’d watch my girls either.

Business is going well. This past Saturday was day one in the field. It was insightful to say the least. His knowledge on this subject astonishes me!! I love listening to and learning from him. He motivates me in ways he’ll never know.

Life post having turtles had felt really odd. They’ve laid in their pool, right across from my bedroom door, for months. I would check on them, as I walked past. Sometimes I’d stop and talk to them. If just feels so odd they’re no longer here.

I’m really thankful for those of you on Twitter. It’s so great to have access to likeminded individuals instantaneously! There’s nearly daily threads, and constant updates from other bloggers. I, again, encourage you who don’t have an account to consider creating one. Kristian, Sunny, IrishGirl, Andrew, The Wellness Blogger, and Romani, are already on there and keeping me company.

This allergies stuff has had me so drowsy. I do apologize for not completing challenges and posting much. I promise to be back into my swing of things as soon as possible!

For now, be blessed. Speak love. Live your truth and spread kindness.


        1. I love your flow with your writing!! Grateful to have you here on Nova’s Namastè and I’m absolutely going to frequent your blog as well!

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  1. Holding you all in a vision of perfect health and happiness. Sorry about the family thing. I totally get it. My ‘family’ doesn’t always tell me at all much less late. I tend to accidentally find out well after the fact. I personally make a distinction between family and relatives. Relatives are related, family is love.

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  2. I was sorry to hear about your little turtles. It does leave an empty spot when they are no longer with you. We had Herbie, a box turtle, for a long time, then he disappeared, hopefully made his way to the lake by our house.
    I’m on Twitter as … @ghostmmnc
    I’ll find you and follow! 🙂

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