Here’s why you should live in Ohio:

Buckeyes (the chocolate peanut butter eye rollin yummy goodness)

Buckeyes / Browns (Huge Football Fans State)

Autumn is a beautiful mixture of luscious colors.

Cities are close to natural wildlife areas.

We are without scorpions.

Our Winters aren’t too terribly cold.

The Spring blooms are gorgeous!!

Rainbows!! (More so because we are boarding Lake Erie.)

John Legand came from Ohio.

We don’t often have major natural catastrophic events like Earthquakes, Forrest Fires, Dust Storms, Flooding, Droughts, Tornadoes.

We have hills, rather than mountains; therefore, we are without the insanity of bears, mountain lions, exc showin up for dinner.

We have beaches for the leisure beach hums.

We have a Northern area full of Amish goods and services.

We have an amusement park for the adrenaline junkie.

Ohio has the biggest candy store in North America.

We have some great shopping malls.

There’s so much talent here!

I live here 😂😂😂😂

Just incase you were thinking about moving here lol.



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