Mental Illness is a Real Thing

It breaks my heart that this illness wins as often as it does! We’re human, and we all fight hard… Pushing forward

Past the lies that are layed at our feet

Past the labels we carry on our skin

Past the fear of others criticism and judgment

Past the anxiety that comes with expectations

But, we’re only human…

This is why Mental Health Check ups are important. Seeing a psychiatrist, visiting a friend, talking with a Pastor or Spiritual Leader… Please don’t give up on yourself. Please don’t give up on those you love.

Columbine survivor Austin Eubanks found dead at 37 – CNN
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4 thoughts on “Mental Illness is a Real Thing”

  1. I am tired of leading a double life. The professionals tell you to never tell your employer you are mentally ill. I work at Walgreens and the whole staff knows I have mental problems. I wrote a book about them, had it published, and distributed it in the workplace. Even the boss knows I am schizophrenic. My mental problems no longer bother me. I survived them. I had the support of a loving family, close friends, minimum wage jobs, and many hobbies. I downhill skied, hunted ducks, and fished the Mississippi River. I played handball and reviewed theater. I went to church. I never missed an appointment. Slowly I got well. Today, life is good.

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