First Thing First

Mental Health must come first in our lives? Why? If it’s off track, there’s destined to be a catastrophic event in the future ( whether that’s sooner or later!).

Accepting our mortality and imperfections can help our mental health. Understanding the importance of mistakes and the inevitable meeting with them can also help. We live every day, with endless opportunities to choose to be better. It’s up to us to make that choice.

Sometimes, life’s going to knock is down hard. We’re going to fear, and worry… Doubt and second guess. We’ve all done it and we will do it again. Thankfully, in such moments of Mental weakness, we have one another to lean on. We have others to share with and of which we can confide. They’re our soundboard, the fokes that can see the writing on the wall… When we’re blind to it.

Today, I’m asking you all for some positive vibes and hugs. I have a long car ride ahead of me, and a long seminar to attend. I’m anxious and nervous. Thank you so much ❤️



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