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Good Morning Beautiful People 😀

It’s little past six, May 2nd. The birds are up and chirping away. They seem to be most vocal before the dawn. Is that normal? Is it just me that thinks that? I don’t know.. There’s several different pitches and songs. I imagine the birds are preparing for babies. The last few years, the neighbors shutters held a nest of babies.

I’ve been up since five. I’m too excited to sleep. I have my love visiting this morning. I am beyond myself excited to see him. The last few days have been wonderful. I have learned he does remember bits and pieces, so he does remember me. Before him, things like concussions and PTSD were topics I heard. It wasn’t until now, that I’ve gained knowledge and some understanding of them.

Why do I say this? As humans, adaptation is apart of living… The more we know, the better we can work with new and unfamiliar. At no point in our lives do we know everything; and, we always have time to learn something new. On the daily, we’re reading blogs and Facebook, Twitter, watching GOT and the news. Our information intake doesn’t stop. What if we learned about useful topics, topics that already matter… What if we taught ourselves a second language. What if we chose to study the basics of the brain, or agriculture? I’m always hungry for new insight. I hope to have encouraged you to explore new information.

It’s now seven, and I’ve been trying to wake up and get this blog posted forever now. My girls are up, one sick (again!! Guh!), and the other one a bit still tired I think. They both look cute anyway. Zivah’s school year is almost over. That’s exciting.

OK, that’s the morning rundown. How you all enjoy your Thursday!


  1. kristianw84

    YES!!!! Before I married my husband I researched both of his conditions, I learned about the progression and thought long and hard before I married him about how we would handle it if it his condition worsens, would I be strong enough to handle it? But to this day I don’t see Neil and his disabilities, I just see Neil. I couldn’t help it even if I wanted to, my heart chose him. This is why when people tell me they have a choice in who they love, I personally don’t believe they actually fell in love. Anyway, that’s a whole different topic for another day. It’s important that we learn and understand what those we care for are suffering from. We won’t ever truly understand unless we’ve experienced it ourselves, but knowledge on the subject can go a long way! I commend you for that. I have also been thinking about taking ASL classes. No one at my work can sign, and while we don’t see too many deaf clients, it would be great to have someone on staff who could communicate with them. Like you, I love to learn, it keeps my brain healthy and strong, and I wish I had the desire for learning when I was younger that I do now. Cheers, my friend!!

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