Young Love

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As the evening kissed the daylight, and dusk set upon the town of Eugenia, townspeople strolled the narrow streets. It was a relatively safe area; and, major crime was highly unlikely.

Josh chose The University of South Eugenia to complete his International Business and Economics Degree. He was thrilled when he recieved his acceptance letter. A month and a half later, his plane landed in the Limelight Airport. He brought seven outfits, a light and heavy coat, and his camera. Everything else he planned to purchase here.

The evening was a bit chilly, though it didn’t bother him. He ran home, grabbed a shower, and out the door. He’s thankful dark jeans are a nice but casual look and that he grabbed his heavy black goose feather coat. He actually surprised himself ; tendency with dates is his absence of common sense. He’s been that way since his days of school dances and acne breakouts. His mom always chuckled.

It was a quarter till seven, and he was a half mile from the small café, where he and Esmera agreed to meet. He was entirely too nervous, to have remembered flowers.

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