My Mental Health Journey 13

Opened Tabs:

  • My kitchen sink seriously needs emptied. Why can’t I feel motivated.
  • Today’s my first day of work… After 10 years… I’m very excited about it. This is going to change my life. Ironically, it’s a job that would repulse an INFJ.. LOL I am going to be using my incredibly sweet and pleasurable phone voice to call potential sellers!! I’d follow a script and fill out a questionnaire. I’m actually beginning to “dream”…Sure, I’ve had goals. I’ve had the smaller achievements over time. I’ve not felt capable and it possible for me dream much bigger than the necessities, ever.

{See what BAD anxiety can do? Creates an incarcerated feeling to the house.}

  • My boyfriend woke up Sunday. I couldn’t contain my tears. I knew that I worried about memory loss; but, I’m more prepared for it. He’s not remembered much since walking up. Not many people, not associates he’s known for years. I know he doesn’t remember me… BUT, I know who I am in this situation… And by knowing so, I’m able to be ok with whatever the future holds. Do I want him to forget me, no! I’m sure that the follow of what’s meant to happen will be exactly what we need at the time. It’s about faith, hope, and love.
  • I really need a nap.
  • I really need to shave 😂😂
  • Bluh…

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