My Mental Health Journey 11


I wanted to take a few minutes and jot down a few notes.

I’ve spent two days alone now; and, I’ve allowed a constant flow of emotions. No regrets or shame, no prolonged sadness. I’ve let the thoughts come and be, then released them out into the universe.

Recently, I found an image on Pinterest that really spoke to me.

It’s deep. I realized that before, like the last four weeks, things were falling apart. Ha! It’s more like a tornado came through.

But they’ll come together again, because that’s life. That’s how life happens. In the last week, ideas and dots have been connected. Some things have become clearer, and other things have been removed from priorities.

Life isn’t a race, to focus on the finish line (death? Really?), and go…

The race is a journey, at whatever pace best suits you and your current situation… And that pace will change. The journey is the combination of ups and downs, when life comes together and falls apart… And comes together again.

Without the balance… Up with down, good with the difficult… Hard with the easy… Life wouldn’t be…

Something would too much…

Something else, would be too little.

Trust your journey 💕 Walk by faith!

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  1. map195 says:

    nice blog post as always keep it up


  2. Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to be spectacular in the face of adversity and hardship…it is ok to cry and be weak. Much as it is ok to be happy and enjoy life. Things change from day to day, like the weather – rainy, sunny, gloomy, bright, breezy…it all happens…and then it changes. We humans go through a lot and sometimes we might look a but bedraggled and exhausted by what is thrown at us…but sometimes we are on top form.

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  3. crimsonprose says:

    As one of my characters says, We only know a thing by its opposite. What would be heat without cold, light without dark, happiness without sorrow etc.

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  4. Sadje says:

    It’s so spot on. Hold in there. You are a strong lady!

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