Spring has Sprung 🌷

Many exit ramps here in Cleveland are homes to lovely 🐘 elephant statues. This one is Zivah’s favorite. The Blue one ( yes there’s a Blue one) is mine. The red one down the street from this one is Calandra’s favorite. Nearly every day, the girls make a HUGE deal of them lol… As if they’ve seen them for the first time, every time! This road is Fulton Road, and turning right will lead you to a branch of the Cleveland Public library. Sitting lovely outside there, is a giant squarel. I didn’t realize there was such a thriving taste for art when I moved here.

There’s an incredible Downtown Sculpture Tour for anyone who’s interested in checking it out 🕉 ENJOY 🐘!


  1. Hilary Tan

    Those flowers are beautiful. Spring makes me happy. I’m tempted to buy some flowers to freshen up my home, but with a cat and toddler I’m having second thoughts. Happy Easter to you. Stay hoppy 🐰🍭🌷

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  2. crimsonprose

    Ah, you have elephants. In Norwich (UK) over recent years we’ve had elephants and dragons, and last year, hares. Colourful creatures, the creations of many organisations. And, so I believe, all are for sale, as I imagine, to raise money for charities.

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