So You Know

This So You Know Challenge is hosted by Revenge Of Eve
  1. Do you take responsibilty for other peoples problems and/or emotions, unknowingly? If so, move on to question 2, if not…head on to #3.
  2. When did you noticed this behavior was burdening you and stunting your growth? Was it a particular incident or did someone verbally tell you that it isn’t your responsibility?
  3. Were you raised by giving parents or by parents who gave only to throw it in your face later?
  4. Lastly, what are your opinions concerning parents being held responsible for their children’s action? As in – what age is the child when they are held responsible for their own actions? Is this opinion reflective of how your parents raised you or opposite?

My Answers

  1. I don’t feel I take on responsibility for others problems/emotions other than my two girls. They’re under age, so I feel I’m partially responsible for them.
  2. Skipped
  3. I was raised by two adults that did a great job providing the necessities. When it came to privilege, my mother felt it her role to constantly remind us that we should be grateful… Whether or not the situation, actually, needed such a reminder.
  4. I partially answered this in #1. I feel as they gain an understanding of right and wrong, they begin to take accountability for their behavior. They learn how their behavior impacts others, by discussing how it makes the person feel… And they can decide what needs done to correct it. By the teenage years, young adults should be taking responsibility for most of their behavior ; but, rebellion is another story.


        1. Nova

          Ironic you’d believe that because, besides my Younger daughters dad, I’m the only one raising my two. Literally the only one.



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