1. Nova I am truly sorry that you have a loved one in crisis and I hope whoever they may be, gets well very soon and is once again reunited with their family.
    Sincerely James

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    1. Thank you James 🌺 Your kind words touched me. My loved one is doing better, but it is a sensitive situation every min of every day. He continously needs prayer.

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        1. I think i’m the only one that uses their computer or i’m not as computer savy as I thought. I do love all the hearts and little faces i get on comments lol

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        2. Haha, the characters (called emoji) are typical of smartphone users. I was just thinking two days ago, what would we all if we went back to no emoji use. 😂😂😂😂😂

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  2. Yes, i can honestly for you and your loved ones, with the biggest force from all my heart Nova, i wish, that everything will go well, i wish from all my heart for you to stay calm and to trust your God, i wish, that this person who is in hospital would recover soon and feel much better, than she-he ever did❤️the biggest hugs and the most powerful wishes for you from France and from my heart❤️

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