My Mental Health Journey 6

When I think about mental health, I can’t help but to believe it’s the most vulnerable and susceptible to negative influences. It’s not like physical health, where a diet and exercise keeps away the illness. It’s more delicate and easily influenced by outside elements.

This morning, I was feeling REALLY good… And right now, I’m super sad. My resilience holds up for so long, before I need support 🙂 I truly believe we’re all like that though.

Mental Health is something that can change a million times a day; and we never know what is going to change to. It sucks when the aura changes from super happy to fatigued and sad, but it’s life… And we feeling it and facing it, helps us to get through it.

If you’re down and out tonight, if you’re frustrated because you were good, just this morning. I get it. I hear you. Our mental health can change any second, and it’s a real struggle sometimes. Hugs!!

16 thoughts on “My Mental Health Journey 6

  1. Manessah B.

    This is so true. I recently had a visit with some family members and I found my mood shifting from happy to sad. Sometimes the negativity of others is just too much and we find our spirits spiraling down and our energy being drained. It’s truly a struggle to stay balanced mentally when so many external factors can alter our mood. Thank you for sharing such an uplifting and comforting post about mental health. So many people can benefit from seeing they aren’t alone.

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