Day: April 11, 2019

Coloring Contest

So, who enjoys coloring? ALLLL of you? Yay!!

From 04/21/19 through 05/05/19 {2 weeks}, I’m going to hold a coloring contest.


Don’t forget to include your name and blog link so I know who you are:)

The pictures to choose from are below. You can color them by hand or digitally. You can paint it if you’d like. You can color one, multiple, or all the images. Please just submit one though.

I’ll judge 1, 2, 3rd place at the end of the two weeks. The main idea is to relax and have fun. Let this be free therapy for you on a stressful day.


Brew & Spew Cafe- Word of the Week

The Word of the Week is: pretend.  

The two girls would pretend for hours. Each bottle of paint would become a student or teacher. They, collectively, became a class. If course, this was the class parallel to that of my daughter’s, which Mrs. Brown-Taylor lead.

The girls had the students talking, lining up, and visiting Mr Harris’ room. Mr Harris is the music teacher. He had the class singing, practicing drums, and using rain sticks.

Meanwhile, I was nearby, painting rocks into chocolate chip cookies and cheeseburgers.

Yes these are painted rocks=)

Life of a Single Mom

My kids aren’t into the cool shows, or movies… Like the ones from the late ’80s to mid’90s… you know, like Strawberry Shortcake and The Little Mermaid LOL

Oh no, we’re adventurous kids like Paw Patrol and PJ Masks lol.

Here’s my little silly turkeys tonight:

No matter how frustrated I get, they know how to make me laugh!