“Now where did it go?”

“Now where did it go?” Chasity whispered to herself.

” Where did what go?” Ben asked her.

She jumped, startled from his emergence. She didn’t realize he had heard her, or that anyone had, actually.

” My chakra beads bracelet. It was just here two days ago, and now it’s gone!” She added.

” Hhhmmmm. That’s odd. Have you worn it out in the last few days?” He continued.

” No!” She replied, ” I sat it on the dresser so I knew, for certain, it was here for this evening. That’s the bracelet mom gave me for my 18th birthday. I need to find it!!”

Chasity had worked herself into hyper ventilation!!

She’s had this mental illness since she was a child. She and her family had visited the fair, while it was in town. The night they went, her family was in line to ride the Merry-go-round. It took less than 5 minutes of a distraction, and her family wasn’t in sight. She saw a young girl playing the darts game, and she thought the girl would certainly win a prize.

Chasity looked around, and her family wasn’t near.

” Mommy!” She cried softly.

” Mommy! Mommy!” She cried again, feeling the tightness of her chest escalate.

” Mooommmyyyyy! Where are you?” Chasity screamed in a full blown outpour of hysteria and tears.

A nearby woman witnessed the child and approached her to help.

” Hello! My name is Nova. What’s your name?” She asked?

” My mommy doesn’t want me talking to strangers.” Chasity explained.

” That’s safe! Your mommy loves you to keep you safe. I saw you looking sad because you can’t find your mommy, and I want to help you find her.” Nova added.

” Is that OK?” She continued.

” Yes!” The five year old responded.

Less than twenty minutes later, the fair grounds police had located her parents and everyone was reunited.

Chasity was never the same, though.

She grew up with nightmares; and she’s struggled with bad anxiety attacks.

She’s super conscientious of where she places things, and where her family is.

“Here it is!!” Ben exclaimed in delight!!

” It must have slipped behind the dresser when I sat my book down, last night!” Chasity explained.

In the greatest feeling of relief, Chasity slipped on her good luck charm, and off they went.

Formulated for The Haunted Wordsmith’s April 7th, Story Starter Challenge



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