Mother-Daughter Ice Cream Date

This morning, my older daughter and I spent time together 🙂 It’s so neat so see her growing and eager to do things for me. She wanted to complete an ATM transaction. The lessons I knew I should have learned in different stages of life, are ones that remind me I need to be intentional with my raising my girls.

Anyway, she and I stopped at Walgreens, then the bank, then Dairy Queen:) We were actually able to sit outside and enjoy our ice cream, without freezing!!! It was so nice. I sure do enjoy the sunshine!! Lots and lots and lots of Vitamin C:)

Here’s what I got:

Ooohhhhhh Yes!! It was scrumptious!!

So how’s everyone doing today? Anyone spending quality time with kiddos? Anyone else blessed with gorgeous sun and windows opened? I hope you share with me in the comments, what is it that’s made you smile/laugh/feel happy today?!



14 comments on “Mother-Daughter Ice Cream Date”
  1. My daughter came by to bring a present and talk to me about my health crisis. She is so comforting.

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    1. Nova says:

      What a blessing in your day 💕💕💕 Any of us here would be willing to listen.


  2. kristianw84 says:

    I am Spring Cleaning. I’ve been in a purge mood, so I’ve been throwing lots of stuff away/donating it. I’ve been holding onto items & clothes that belonged to my mom, and I don’t need or can’t use because I wasn’t ready to get rid of them, but we will hopefully be building a new house soon, so it’s time for me to let this stuff go. It’s just taking up space, & I don’t want to carry all of it into the new house. I’m going to be busy for the next couple of weekends!! I’ve had the windows open & have been enjoying the fresh as it, baseball games (on tv,) & music!! 😁 Plus, it does feel good to organize the clutter & throw stuff away!!

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  3. ashleyleia says:

    Looks yummy! My grandma and I went out for lunch and had cheesecake for dessert. 😋

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    1. Nova says:

      Aaawwwwweeeee:) What a sweet memory! Cheesecake is so yummy:)

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  4. Shinavy says:

    That Looks So Good. It’s A Pretty Windy And Rainy DayWhere I Live, So I’m Just Doing Laundry And Deep Cleaning.

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  5. Oh, now that looks good. I’m hungry now…lol.

    I’m so glad y’all were able to spend this time together making cool memories!

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  6. Sadje says:

    Lovely weather today. Enjoyed time with my family just like you.

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  7. Paula Light says:

    That looks delicious!

    I’m just about to go out and do some errands, including a Target run. Then back home for laundry and other weekend chores. Who said Saturday was for relaxing? Lol. I see some good blog prompts, so hopefully I can get to them later. 😀

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    1. Nova says:

      🙂 Always take time to do something fun 🙂

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