Spin The Yarn – Baby Steps- Fishing

It was a glorious July morning, and my family was up hustling the last minute important items to the Suburban. We were heading out to our annual family fishing weekend at Senecaville, Lake!

This would be our fifth consecutive year, and I was determined to do well again this year. You see, the ” first place winner” of the previous year is awarded an extra twenty minutes head start on snagging a catch.

“Are we ready yet?” my Aunt Carol shouted from outside.

” Yep, let’s do this!” my brother, Bryan, continued.

As I leisurely strolled up next to him, he was reliving his victorious catch from two years ago.

” I caught a fish….” he was saying, with great anticipation, ” and it was THAT big!” with his hands measuring the length of 2.5 feet apart.

Our seven year old cousin, Ryan, had this look of utter disbelief across his face.

“There’s no way! You couldn’t have caught him with fake bait and reeled him in with your cheapo fishing pole?” he declared with much certainty!

” You callin me a liar boy; wanna see pictures? I remember the strength of the tug, as I regained focus not to lose my pole. I had just hooked a half of the meatest night crawler on the end, and tossed my line out 17 inches from the boat. ” Bryan concludes with confidence.

“Were you night fishing?” Ryan inquired, as everyone finished packing into the truck.

“Boy, you know that’s when you catch the best of the best. What kind of question is that, Knuckle head!”

I laughed so hard at my crazy family. There’s quirks that no one would believe and stories for days. I know men pride themselves in “size”… Of nearly anything. I alloted my twinner the spotlight; however, my victory catch outweighed his.

Participating in Roy’s Challenge, here’s my first whale of a tale! Please rate my talent of believability in this story from 1-10, with the 10 being the highest! Thank you all:) I hope you enjoyed reading 🙂


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