Att: Special Report 📣

Wow oh wow you guys, I kinda look like death right now. It’s not at all flattering on me; however, it’s best I wear it than my girls feel terrible and sick.

My nose has been running. I don’t have the energy to chase it anymore. Anyone wanna take the next shift? There’s donuts involved?! You don’t even have to blow it ( erm.. Uh..), wipe it… I can manage that much.

Some brat is pounding on my temples. OUCH!! I need it to stop for the love of God. I can’t think straight line this. Oh you hush all the way in the back, I do to think. It’s just on special occasion as of lately.

My chest feels lighter, since I kicked the elephant off of it. That’s funny huh, like I stand a chance to an elephant. You see, the trick is peanuts.. They’ll come running to anyone or anywhere they lay. I really can’t blame them, I love nuts myself. Uuummmmm….

Moving right along, to the left here you’ll see a lung. It’s not in the best of shape, due to the cold and lack of exercise. I can work on that though, if I stop coughing it up. (And this snow would take a hike! Yes, nearly April and we have snow).

OK, well I’m off back to bed. My body needs so much rest. Happy Sunday Lovelies 🌺


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