Sides of The Law

What side the law you on

When that round pops,

And that black man’s laying on the ground.

When a cell phone captures the scene,

And there’s no chance he’d make it

Home that night.

What side the law you on

When the badge becomes an

Excuse to abuse it’s powers

And violate human rights.

When the truth is masked by blackmail

And prejudice fokes don’t give AF.

What side the law you on

When the victim is a wife,

Of a cop, a military man, or pastor.

When she hides her eyes, and

Covers her skin, in fear of repercussions.

What side the law you on

When that boy stuffed his pockets,

Hungry, cold, and suffering,

Can’t go home because his daddy would rape him.

His mommy is on drugs and

There’s no means of surviving.

What side of the law you on

When she’s on the street corner

Doin what she do

To feed her babies, pay those bills

Because one mistake put felon

On her record.

What side the law you on

When the husband was the victim

His wife a crazy bitch,

Police report is a waste of time

Until he met his creator

And she went to far.

There’s the ” law ” and there’s

Right and truth.

What should never happen is


Because of violence? Race? Fear? Pride?

Because of judgements and hate.

Be on the right side… Do what’s right.

Start with yourself.


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    • Some people will go to Christ. Some people will feel that’s their truth. For this post, I feel your answer is just as judgemental as those I was referencing. When it comes to belief, my page is one of peace and unity. I was speaking about each person looking within him and herself to find love and acceptance of what’s right. Keep your forceful religious antics on your page. Thank you.

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      • With all due respect, I wasn’t forcing my beliefs. I merely stated what was laid on my heart as I read your post.


        • Not on my page. This post is about what message I wanted to present. You can respectfully post your messages in a less confrontational manner, say direct message or on your page.

          Liked by 1 person

        • You unfollowed my blog because I asked for respect. Please respectfully unfollow me. I completely understand and respect your beliefs. I simply wanted to keep THIS very discussion from happening.

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