My Mental Health Journey 1


I’m not a little girl anymore. I’m also no longer nieve. I’m not that shriveled up, intimidated, and insecure girl that spun around in the painful life of confusion.

I went through childhood trauma. When trauma overwelmes the brain, it shuts down. When our bodies, particularly the brain, senses the turmoil, the defense mechanisms kick into gear.

It’s taken me thirteen plus years to shed lots of my childhood and spread my wings. It’s been challenging, but I’ve kept going.

My life hasn’t been easy. I never seem sympathy when I share. I also don’t share just to receive comments from individuals bouncing back with their story. This is me and mine. It’s been tough and unimaginable.

In the last 5 years, I’m deeply focused on who I am, what I believe, what I can overcome, what I can do. What I do and don’t like. Everything! I focus on bettering me, because I’m the only one living this life of my shoes.

Writing, music, the arts, nature, many things help me reground when I get anxious. I’m on antidepressants. I’m OK with that. I unapologetically share my story because there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Mental Health begins with you. Your worth, abilities, confidence, successes, everything!! Everything in your life will influence you but at the end of the day, it’s your life.. And your choices that define who you are. The mind is a powerful thing.

I told mine what I was going to become… And I have.

You can too!


18 thoughts on “My Mental Health Journey 1”

  1. I believe is so brave and outstanding to share your experience and being emotionally naked so you can inspire others! Salute to the person you become despite all this pain and difficulties, I’m sure your kids will be so proud that you’re their mother ❤
    Sending you much love and hugs ❤

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  2. This moved me to tears. I’m so sorry for all of the things you’ve been through. *Big Hugs*

    You are my heroine! You took something painful and turned it into something beautiful. You decided to rise above it and not show the same darkness to others that has been shown to you. It takes courage and guts, and I not only commend you, my dear, I adore you for it! Keep pushing, keep striving, keep sharing your light. YOU are awesome!! ❤

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    1. Thank you my dear friend 💙💙💙 My testimony is an example of what humans ARE capable of when WE decide for ourselves what our lives should be. I’m so eternally grateful for you and your friendship!! Biggest Hugs!!

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      1. Aww, well now you’ve moved me to tears twice! I have a smile on my face this time though! You are absolutely right, but you deserve to be commended for it, because not everyone chooses that path. It takes strength! I’m so grateful for you and your friendship as well!!

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  3. Thank you for sharing this with us, it must have been so difficult… I can’t begin to imagine living in your shoes, compared to you I have lived a sheltered life… I’m glad you found the will to carry on, you leave & start over. And I’m glad you continue to ❤

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  4. It’s very brave of you to open up like this. This needs lot of guts. Traumatic childhood can leave very deep scars. I am glad that you have taken charge of your adult life. All the best.

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